Alphonse Stallaert

The composer and conductor, Alphonse Stallaert was a man of great culture who had a passion for music and literature.

As a matter of fact several of his compositions were inspired by and originated in literary works.

On this website, you will discover his prolific and varied creation which is difficult to summerize on account of its richness and diversity.

Some of his works have been performed in public by great musicians including the French National Orchestra (Orchestre National de France) conducted by Kubelik. Many others have been played in private concerts by lesser-known but nonetheless talented musicians. This often accounts for totally new music groups.

Other works have been shelved, failing the right connections or opportunities.

Yet, they all have a major interest in so far as the artist felt the deep, pressing urge to create without thinking of his image and career.

We hope you will have an enriching and moving experience discovering this artist's works. With your support, we shall gradually update and improve this site.